Rebate Center

Interruptible Load Program

If you have a backup generator with a capacity of 100 Kw or more, we will pay you to have it available to run during the six peak summer months (May-Oct).  You will receive a check whether we ask you to interrupt or not.  The amount of the payment is $3/Kw per month for the six interruptible months.

Water Heater Rebate

Purchase a lifetime warranted 85 or 105 gallon Marathon water heater and receive a rebate of $1.25 per gallon capacity.  Also, if you convert to an electric water heater from another fuel source, we'll pay you an additional $100.  In order to receive the rebates you must join our Off-Peak Water Heater program.

Energy Star Appliance and Air Conditioner Rebate

Purchase an Energy Star Rated Refrigerator, Clothes Washer or Dishwasher and receive $50 for each appliance.  Purchase an Energy Star rated central air conditioner and receive a $200 rebate.

Cooling Rebate


Water Heater Rebate


Appliance Rebate