Thursday, April 26
  • April 22nd

    Recycle, Reuse, Replenish

  • While away - let smarthub pay!

    Ask how we can simplify your life

  • Tree trimming is part of the crews winter maintenance projects.


Enjoy the convenience of Automatic BankPay that over 2100 WMU customers utilize for free.

Choose from checking or savings.
Call our office at 320-235-4422 for more information.

Use our automated phone system to make a credit card payment.
Simply dial 1-855-386-9902 and follow the prompts.

Drop Boxes – collected Monday-Friday
Cashwise Foods, 1300 5th St SE
700 Litchfield Ave SW (NW corner)
810 Litchfield Ave SW (Drive-up)

Just a reminder that the Cold Weather Rule will no longer apply come April 16th. Be sure to catch up your past due accounts to avoid a potential disconnection of service.