Tuesday, September 26

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Enjoy the convenience of Automatic BankPay that over 2100 WMU customers utilize for free.

Choose from checking or savings.
Call our office at 320-235-4422 for more information.

Use our automated phone system to make a credit card payment.
Simply dial 1-855-386-9902 and follow the prompts.

Drop Boxes – collected Monday-Friday
Cashwise Foods, 1300 5th St SE
Cub Foods, 2201 1st St S
810 Litchfield Ave SW

ATTENTION: Once again Willmar area businesses are getting calls stating that their electric bill is past due and that they have to pay immediately in order to avoid a disconnect. THIS IS A SCAM! It is not the practice of Willmar Municipal Utilities to call customers and demand payment. Should you receive a call of this nature please contact the Willmar Police Dept. And please refrain from making any payments to the caller before checking directly with Willmar Municipal Utilities.