Tuesday, May 22
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    See how smarthub can take your payment worries away!

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Enjoy the convenience of Automatic BankPay that over 2100 WMU customers utilize for free.

Choose from checking or savings.
Call our office at 320-235-4422 for more information.

Use our automated phone system to make a credit card payment.
Simply dial 1-855-386-9902 and follow the prompts.

Drop Boxes – collected Monday-Friday
Cashwise Foods, 1300 5th St SE
700 Litchfield Ave SW (NW corner)
810 Litchfield Ave SW (Drive-up)


A phone scam is being perpetrated on Willmar Municipal Utility customers where the scammer calls utility customers and warns them that their electricity will be cut off unless they wire money to the name and address the scammer gives the customer.

DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE   Contact Willmar Municipal Utilities to verify you are, in fact, up for disconnection.  Willmar Municipal Utilities does not use money wiring or disconnect your power without going through the proper process.

This “so called” company is in no way affiliated with Willmar Municipal Utilities.  If you receive a suspicious call or a call asking for your credit information, please feel free to hang up and call the Willmar Police Department directly at 320-235-2244.