Utility equipment and property

  • Fly kites, balloons, and model airplanes in open areas, far from overhead electrical lines.
  • Never climb utility poles. Never throw things or shoot at power lines, poles, or insulators
  • Keep ladders away from overhead lines. If you use a straight ladder, follow the four-to-one rule: Place the ladder base one foot away from the object it leans on for every four feet of height to the ladders resting point.
  • Install or remove an antenna in dry weather only. Maintain a distance of at least twice the antenna’s length between it and the power line.
  • While snowmobiling watch for utility poles, guy wires, fences, underground cable junction boxes and right-of-way.
    • Remember that dangers are not easy to see from a speeding snowmobile, especially in the dark.
  • Stay away from downed power lines. Never try to remove a downed line yourself. Immediately contact your local utility or 911.