Turbine Information

The Blades

  • Each blade weighs 10 tons and is 131 feet in length
  • Blades require 8 mph winds to turn and will stop when winds are in excess of 55 mph
  • The blades turn around 18 rpm
  • The speed at the tip of the blades is around 170 mph


  • From the tip of the hub to the base is 263 feet

The Base

  • 55 foot Octagon
  • 441 yards of concrete – weighing 770 tons
  • 40 tons of rebar
  • 400 yards of packed clay is 600 tons
  • Total weight of each base is 1410 tons

The Hub

  • The hub is about the same size as a car garage and weighs about 77 tons.
Tower 3 and 4 wind turbines from the air

How much power will they produce?

Each turbine is capable of producing 2 kWh and from 2014-2018, they produced an annual average of just over 7 million kWh.