Image showing Electric Division

Willmar Municipal Utilities electric transmission power system consists of 2 substations and 35 miles of power lines which supply power at 69,000 volts, or higher, from the area electric grid to the city of Willmar.  The electric distribution power system consists of 5 substations which step down the voltage from 69,000 volts to 12,470 volts. The current is then distributed through 18 feeder lines to neighborhood transformers to serve over 9,200 electric customers. The system has 230 miles of power lines of which 87% are underground.

Willmar Municipal Utilities also maintains two wind turbines that each have capacity of 2 megawatts per hour. The peak demand for the city of Willmar in 2021 was 58.46 megawatts.

Image showing Water Division
The Willmar Municipal Utilities has been recognized statewide as an industrial leader in providing low cost, high quality water. An average of 4 million gallons of water per day are pumped to Willmar’s customers. The peak daily demand for water in 2021 was 6.67 million gallons. Willmar Municipal Utilities’ production capacity is 7.9 million gallons of water per day.  The water system consists of 16 wells, 2 water treatment plants, 3 pumping stations, and 4 storage facilities.

Image showing Heating Division

The heating system was built in 1913. In 1982 it was modernized to utilize hot water, rather than steam, to provide heating. In making the upgrade to hot water, Willmar Municipal Utilities achieved higher efficiencies. As part of the 1982 renovation, Willmar Municipal Utilities rebuilt the entire district heating distribution system. Following the renovation the utility experienced small growth in the system, with expansion ending in 1990.

The District Heat system was officially decommissioned on July 1, 2020.