Off-Peak Water Heater Credit

If you have an 80 gallon or larger water heater, sign up for our off-peak water heater program. Your water heater will only be energized from 11:00 PM until 7:00 AM. You will receive a $10 per month credit on your electric bill.

Have all the hot water you need while saving money each month

Q. What does Off-Peak mean?
A. An Off-Peak Water Heater Program is designed to shift electric water heater loads from the expensive high use period during the day to the less expensive low usage period at night. The savings resulting from this shift are shared with the customers participating in the program.

Q. Why would I want to heat my water only during the nighttime on the Off-Peak Program?
A. By heating water each night from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., the Willmar Municipal Utilities (WMU) will credit $10 to your account each month.

Q. Who is eligible for this program?
A. This program is for those who have or will have an electric water heater with a storage capacity of 80 gallons or more.

Q. What is the advantage of heating water only at night?
A. By heating water at night and using a high efficiency water heater to store your daily requirement of hot water, WMU can purchase less expensive nighttime power and pass the saving on to you. This will also help reduce the upward pressure on our electrical rates.

Q. How do I qualify to receive a rebate on a new electric water heater?
A. To receive the Off-Peak rebates you must:

  1. Replace a gas or district heating domestic water heater with an electric unit. (For an electric-to-electric change out, see note below.)
  2. Purchase an electric water heater with a lifetime warranted tank.
  3. Have a water heater with at least 80 gallons of storage capacity.
  4. Connect to our Off-Peak Program equipment.

Q. What incentive is there to switch to an electric water heater?
A. After pre-approval has been received and requirements A–D (above) have been met, turn a copy of the water heater purchase and installation receipt in to WMU. You will receive a rebate check for $100 for converting from gas or district heating to an electric water heater plus $1.25 per gallon capacity of the water heater. Rebates and credit are not dispensed until the installation of the water heater and Off-Peak equipment is completed, and approved.

Purchase a 105-gallon electric water heater to replace an existing gas water heater or a district heating water heater.
Rebate = $100 + ($1.25 x 105 gallons)
Rebate = $231.25

The $100 rebate is not available for an electric-to-electric change out. However, you do receive the $1.25 per gallon capacity rebate when you purchase an 80 gallon or larger, lifetime warranted tank water heater and connect to our Off-Peak program.

Q. Why do I have to purchase a large capacity water heater?
A. Off-Peak means that water will only be heated from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. This means you must have enough hot water storage capacity to last throughout the day.

Q. What are my costs?
A. You responsibility includes the expense of the water heater (minus the rebates), the cost of the water heater installation (plumbing and electrical), and any future water heater maintenance. The equipment and installation necessary to connect the water heater to the Off-Peak Program is paid for by Willmar Municipal Utilities.

Q. Where can I get a water heater that fits these requirements?
A. Your plumber has information on where you may purchase a water heater that qualifies for the program. Ask your plumber about the advantages of installing a mixer valve to your system.

Q. How do I receive the rebate money?
A. Before you proceed with the installation, please call the WMU at (320) 235-4422 and ask for Mary Kosbab to confirm that the qualifications will be met. With approval, you may proceed with the installation. When the installation of the water heater and the Off-Peak equipment is complete, send a copy of your paid receipt for the water heater and it’s installation to the Energy Services Department at the WMU, P.O. Box 937, Willmar, MN 56201. (The electrician will bill us for the electrical expenses incurred to install our Off-Peak equipment). A rebate check will then be mailed to you.

Q. Are there other programs available through Willmar Municipal Utilities to help me save energy and money?
A. Yes! If you have a central air conditioner and would like more information on the benefits of connecting it to our Load Sharing Network, contact the Energy Service Department at WMU by dialing (320) 235-4422. Ask for Mary Kosbab.