Our rebate programs are another way you can help the environment and save energy and money at the same time. We offer great rebates on a variety of Residential Programs and Business Programs for energy saving appliances and equipment. CONSERVE energy for the environment and SAVE money for yourself.

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Commercial and Industrial Off-Peak Heat Program

This service is available to any three phase commercial or industrial customer currently having service under another rate schedule. This rate is for off-peak service to energy storage loads that are remotely controlled by Willmar Municipal Utilities. Service is available 8 hours per day, 11:00pm-7:00am.
Benefits of this program:

  1. A discount of 20% will be applied to the energy charge/kWh
  2. The demand portion registered on the off-peak meter will be forgiven
  3. The rate is not subject to any energy acquisition adjustment
  4. There will be no additional customer charge for the second meter

WMU will furnish the meter, the current transformers (if required) and the off-peak equipment. In addition WMU, will cover the cost incurred for this equipment installation. The meter socket and all other associated equipment and installation will be the customer’s responsibility.

Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting Rebate

Did you know that up to 30% of commercial  electricity cost is from lighting?
Replace your existing lighting with new high efficiency fixtures/LEDs and receive a rebate.  Rebates are based on a per fixture replacement. ALL LIGHTING REBATES ARE SUBJECT TO PRE-APPROVAL. Failure to do so may result in denial of rebate funds.  Required information:  Rebate form (must obtain from WMU), quantity, lamp type, length of each lamp, wattage, how many lamps and hours per day the lights are in use.
Screw in lamps such as compact fluorescent, 400 to 360 watt metal halide, fluorescent to fluorescnent or similar conversions are not eligible for rebate.  The old fixtures, ballasts, and lamps must be retired. 

How to Apply for lighting rebate:

  1.  Contact Willmar Municipal Utilities to verify rebate fund availability and project qualifications.  Request application.
  2.  All information including,  invoices for labor and material, quantity and specs for lighting that was removed and installed,    hours of operation along with completed form are mandatory for rebate payment.
  3.   The maximum project rebate amount shall be the lesser of 50% of the project costs or $10,000 (capped).
  4.    Self installation or installation not performed by a certified electrician will not be considered for project cost.
  5.   Total maximum rebates paid per customer is $10,000 per program year.  Rebates are not retroactive.
  6.   Interior and exterior lighting replacement are not calculated the same.

Energy Star Appliance Rebate $50/Appliance

Purchase an Energy Star Rated Refrigerator, Clothes Washer or Dishwasher and receive $50 for each appliance.

Download the Energy Star Appliance Rebate

Off-Peak Water Heater Credit / Water Heater Rebate

Visit the Off-Peak Water Heater Credit Page

If you have an 80 gallon or larger water heater, sign up for our off-peak water heater program. Your water heater will only be energized from 11:00 PM until 7:00 AM. You will receive a $10 per month credit on your electric bill.

Click here to download the Off-Peak Water Heater Application

Central Air Tune-Up