1. A deposit shall be required to be paid by all customers who do not hold fee title to the real property at the customer’s service address. Owners of condominiums and townhouses are owners of real estate. Purchasers using contract for deed are required to pay a deposit.
  2. The Municipal Utilities Commission shall from time to time by resolution set the deposit requirements for residential customers. Deposit amounts may be based on the type of services provided (electric, water, heating, etc.) and the type of unit (single family, duplex, apartment, mobile home, etc.).
  3. For commercial customers required to pay a deposit, the deposit shall be two times the average monthly bill for all utility service. Commercial deposits may be satisfied by payment in cash by posting a performance bond payable to the Willmar Municipal Utilities or as described in item 6 below,
  4. New residential rental customers who have an “on time” payment history of twelve (12) consecutive months established with the Willmar Municipal Utilities within the last two (2) years, shall not be required to pay a deposit. The deposit requirement of a new residential rental customer may be waived if the customer has established a payment history of twelve (12) consecutive months of on-time payments in the most recent period with another electric utility provided the payment history is verified directly with that electric utility. Paid deposits subsequently determined to be waived under this section may be credited to the customer’s account or refunded by check to the customers at the Municipal Utilities option.
  5. Deposits may be assigned or transferred from one customer to another by using prescribed forms and only by appearing in person at the Municipal Utilities office.
  6. The owner of the real property at the customer’s service address may satisfy the deposit requirement of their tenant by either paying the deposit for the tenant or signing a “Guarantee of Payment Agreement” with the Municipal Utilities Commission.
  7. The billing for utility service shall remain in the property owner’s name until the renter’s/lessor’s deposit requirement is satisfied in full.
  8. Cash deposits shall earn interest at an annual percentage rate set by the Minnesota Office of Energy Security. Interest earned shall be credited automatically by reducing the December bill or at the time the deposit is returned, whichever comes first.
  9. Deposits on residential accounts will be returned on the next regular billing after a customer has made twelve (12) consecutive “on-time” payments when a Social Security Number is supplied  or when a final bill is issued on an account. Deposits on commercial accounts will be returned (or the bond will be released) on the next regular billing after a commercial customer has made twenty-four (24) consecutive “on-time” payments or when a final bill is issued on an account. If a credit balance remains on a “final” account, the credit balance shall be refunded by check within forty-five (45) days of final billing. Refunds of $1.00 or less will not be sent except upon written request of the customer. Except under extenuating circumstances, in the event of a lost refund check the stop-payment charge shall be deducted from the proceeds of a replacement check.
  10. Customers will not be required to pay additional deposits due to increased deposit rates or additional utility services added. Deposits on existing accounts will be increased only if (1) the customer moves to a new location, and (2) the new location has additional services not provided at the prior location, and (3) the additional deposit is only for the additional services being provided.

If a customer’s utility service is disconnected for non-payment, a new deposit shall be required if there is no deposit presently on record or if the deposit is less than that required in the current deposit schedule. Payment of a new or additional deposit shall be made within 30 days of restoration of service.