The Cold Weather Rule is NO longer in place effective April 15th.  We ask that all WMU customers catch-up any past due amounts owed in order to avoid a potential disconnection of service.


SCAM ALERT: Recently calls from an unknown source have been made to WMU customers indicating that their account is delinquent and that payment must be received within 45 minutes in order to avoid a disconnection of service. These calls are NOT from Willmar Municipal Utilities. It is not the practice of the utilities to make threatening calls with such an immediate payment time. Should you receive such a call please contact Willmar Municipal immediately in order to avoid falling prey to this scam.

Safety Milestone

Willmar Municipal Utilities has exceeded 365 days of no lost time due to injuries/accidents!!!  This is a major benchmark as the utilities industry has one of the highest number of injuries/accidents.  We applaud all those that work here and practice safety on a daily basis.  There is comfort in knowing that your co-worker will show up the next day for work and they will show up with all parts intact.  Congrats to my fellow co-workers!

First power plant employees

125th Anniversary Celebration

Join Willmar Municipal Utilities as we host Chamber Connections August 26th at 7:30 am in the auditorium.